What To Bring

  • DIY means Do It Yourself.
  • Bring everything you need to survive in comfort and style for the entire time you’ll be there.
  • Don’t expect ANYTHING to be provided for you.
  • Every vehicle coming to the festival should have a fire extinguisher, a 5 gallon bucket of water, and a shovel. This is for fire safety. If possible bring fix-a-flat, a spare tire, a jack, extra oil/coolant/etc and jumper cables.
  • Bring enough food to survive on and to share. Do not plan on being fed.
    Bring dishes, silverware, cookpots, stove and fuel.

    Each person needs a gallon of water a day, so bring enough water or a water filter.
    Bring re-fillable water containers of various sizes & bring buckets (for dishes, etc).
  • Bring clothing for hot, cold, wet, dry weather including sun visor/hat/sunscreen/sunglasses and a towel.
  • Bring your tent/rain tarp/sleeping gear.
  • Health & Hygiene: bring toilet paper; bug spray; first aid; condoms; BRING YOUR MEDS (allergies, prescription, etc).
  • Bring musical instruments; adapters & cords for musical/electronic equipment.
  • Bring art supplies & costumes.
  • Bring flashlights; batteries; knife and other tools; duct tape; rope or twine; & garbage bags.
  • Other supplies if you have room:
    Carpet (This is for people to sit on. Look up a carpet store and check their dumpster).
    Tarps, parachutes and banners for decoration and shade.
    Chairs and tables, or table top surfaces (plywood). The more stable surfaces the better.
    Lights (x-mas, rope, solar-powered, etc).
    Picks, shovels, hoes & rakes (for digging shitters, compost pits & sometimes firefighting.)
    Cans for ash trays.