There will be no porta potties.
One of the primary objectives of the AMF is to encourage individual and group autonomy, as well as more awareness of our impact on the world. At the core of this, is the issue of human beings and the shit that they produce. Porta potties would be a major expense which would reduce the ability to have a free festival. They are also wasteful (they use lots of water and chemicals) and are unnecesary in an area that can withstand the impact of a week long festival, as long as people are practicing concious shitting skills. Learning how to shit in the woods will teach you a lot about how we can have a much more positive relationship to the other living things around us.

Dig a latrine and use it. Never take a dump on top of the ground and walk off and leave it. 

Latrines are at least 100 feet from open water, and never uphill from a spring. Deep narrow trenches at least 3 feet deep are best. Keep the excavated soil in a neat pile for fill-in later. Cut out sod, and preserve it for replacement over the filled hole.

Keep lime – or ashes from a wood fire – in a can nearby, and sprinkle on top of your leavings, to reduce odor. Dirt is then shoveled back in on top gradually, to keep your waste covered completely. When the contents come up to within 18 inches of the surrounding ground level, fill the latrine in all the way and dig a new one nearby.