July 21 – 24
Near Tahoe CA at Three Cornered Meadow 39.702444, -120.464800.
Free camping/soundsystem/games/crafts/swimming event.

All are welcome
There will likely be multiple soundsystems with open line-ups.
BYO everything and don’t leave a mess. If you’re ingesting intoxicants consider doing it privately in order to avoid influencing sober folks, kids, etc.

Campfire Permits are required for campfires and all stoves! They are free and it only takes about 5 minutes.
Get yours here:

Directions: There are a couple ways there, but DO NOT go through Harvey Ranch Road. It dead ends at the Harvey Ranch and they will murder you.

However you get there, you’ll end up on the 89. A few miles west of Calpine, turn North onto the road at 39.679311, -120.454415. There will be a couple forks. Stay to the left at all of them. After 2.8 miles, you’ll be there! We’ll try to make it obvious. 😀