When is it? In 2017, the 21st annual AMF will start Monday, June 19th and continue through Wednesday, June 28th.

Where is it? On Public land in Washington, Oregon or Northern California. The selected location will be announced a few days prior to the start of the festival. The selection process occurrs in late May and June.

Where are the toilets? Will there be porta potties? No porta-potties. More information about latrines can be found here.

What about food and water? Bring enough supplies for yourself and everyone you come with. Take everything out that you bring with you, except for biodegradeable material placed in latrines. Sometimes groups of people come and provide free food and water, but there is no guarantee of this.

Is it legal? AMF is a completely free, non-commercial festival, therefore we require no permit either from the U.S. Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. There are certain regulations limiting groups to 200 people and 50 vehicles, but we consider AMF to be a decentralized collection of independent camps. Festival goers should be ultra-concious of speed limits and road signs entering and exiting the site, as local cops are sometimes anxious to write expensive tickets. Also keep in mind that AMF, although a temporary liberated zone, is still subject to laws regarding illegal substances.

Can I bring my sound system? Can I dj? Can my band play? AMF is an open invitation to all sound systems, dj’s, musicians, and performers. The more the merrier!!! There isn’t any central organization of happenings within the AMF.