The rideshare for Autonomous Mutant Festival is no longer hosted at this site. It’s a lot of work to keep the forums from getting flooded with spam, and people also dislike signing up for new websites.
The rideshare is now a “room” hosted on the Element platform (formerly called ‘Riot’). If you’re not already using Element, you should be! There are a whole bunch of cool “rooms” and you only need to sign up once to be able to join any number of “rooms”. Element is free, open source and doesn’t have any ads or other junk.
Here’s more about what Element is and how it works: https://matrix.org
Here’s where you sign up for it, though there are also apps for most devices: https://app.element.io/
Here’s the Rideshare “room”: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#amfrides:matrix.org