There are 2 rideshares. One is a “room” hosted on the Element platform (formerly called ‘Riot’). If you’re not already using Element, you should be! There are a whole bunch of cool “rooms” and you only need to sign up once to be able to join any number of “rooms”. Element is free, open source and doesn’t have any ads or other junk.
Here’s more about what Element is and how it works: https://matrix.org
Here’s where you sign up for it, though there are also apps for most devices: https://app.element.io/
Here’s the Rideshare “room”: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#amfrides:matrix.org

The other rideshare is embedded right on this page. It’s new for 2024 so we’ll see how useful it is. Your personal info will be wiped promptly after the festival ends.

Latest Message: 2 weeks, 3 days ago
  • greenjon : Welcome to the rideshare for AMF 2024!
  • Random dude : I don’t need a ride, I don’t need anything or anybody. Ever.
  • Bundy : Looking for a ride to Safeway, anytime in November 2025
  • Bundy : I’m coming from oroville and I have 3 dogs
  • Sally Mae : If it doesn’t matter which Safeway then I gotchu. If one of the dogs die before 11/25 no deal
  • No bladder control : I need a ride from texas but i have to stop to pee every 23 minutes..
  • no nasal control : I need a ride from oakland but i have to stop to snort K every 23 minutes..