There are 2 rideshares. One is a “room” hosted on the Element platform (formerly called ‘Riot’). If you’re not already using Element, you should be! There are a whole bunch of cool “rooms” and you only need to sign up once to be able to join any number of “rooms”. Element is free, open source and doesn’t have any ads or other junk.
Here’s more about what Element is and how it works: https://matrix.org
Here’s where you sign up for it, though there are also apps for most devices: https://app.element.io/
Here’s the Rideshare “room”: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#amfrides:matrix.org

The other rideshare is embedded right on this page. It’s new for 2024 so we’ll see how useful it is. Your personal info will be wiped promptly after the festival ends.

Latest Message: 14 hours, 25 minutes ago
  • greenjon : Welcome to the rideshare for AMF 2024!
  • EeyoreTheClown : lmao but seriously, anyone looking for a ride from Humboldt? I should have a seat available
  • fassbinder : looking for a ride from LA or the bay 🤘🤘🤘🤘
  • fassbinder : oops, forgot to mention my almost legal son is also coming. thx :))
  • skanky : anyone looking for a ride from the midwest/chicago?
  • guest_4997 : Need ride for two from bay area
  • Buntcake : Y E S
  • WinnieDaPoux : Yes, Eeyore Eye Am, and would much enjoy Tripping with you from Humbolt way on up to the get down if you aren't already there
  • EeyoreTheClown : I'm still in Eureka, but want to try and leave tonight to beat the heat. Email me at dagreatjl sixonetwo at gee mail dot com
  • EeyoreTheClown : You can try and call instead, Humboldt area code, sixzeroone seveneightonethree
  • gl00m13 : looking for ride from LA ❤️ i cld meet in bay or something too maybe
  • Frunnoodle : Driving out from Portland Tomorrow, Mid-day 7/10/24 Have room
  • guest_4595 : Any bodies heading thru Seattle Tacoma or Olympia? Have a little extra space for 1? (or 2, if my friend makes up their mind and u have extra space)
  • johnny : Looking for a ride on thursday 7/11 from PDX. Just me and my pack
  • bwamp : I have space for one leaving portland friday mid morning/early afternoon, and coming back on Sunday evening. Need someone who can share driving and gas :)) queers/transes hmu esp. write back on here w a number
  • BernieBleak : Hi! I’m riding up Friday to join Space Goblin camp but need to be back around Mount Shasta by Sunday or Monday. Even a ride into PDX that day would be a huge help! 510 938 8975
  • BernieBleak : bwamp - Icant drive but could use a ride to PDX Sunday and have gas money. I’m a gender nonconforming cishet male (I just like makeup and pretty dresses and singing gi a songs) Maybe we can meet and talk when I make it up Friday?
  • Alicecunt : Hi kinda stuck in Pdx and looking for a ride to the fest I have three bags , a tent and some gas money. 2132742166
  • CDM : @guest_4595 I’m going through Olympia Friday morning and have space
  • CDM : 5642025773
  • acidwitchh : going to try to head out tomorrow mid day from portland, would have room for one or 2 people, and don't know anyone going so would love to meet new homies
  • Catsup PDX : It is Saturday at 4:22pm... I would love to catch a ride with a safe driver! I have money, my own driver's license + I am sober.
  • Catsup PDX : @acidwitchh did you leave already?
  • guest_4886 : ahh! @CDM thx for the shoutout, i was offline.x/
  • guest_4886 : Unless ur by chance still around Oly a day later